Beaufort History Museum
Beaufort History Museum
One of the old houses in Beaufort.
Beaufort History Museum's Courtyard
Beaufort History Museum's Entrance
A plan of Port Royal in South Carolina. Drawn by John Gascoigne. London: Jefferys and Faden, 1773(?). Library of Congress.
   If you want to visit the Beaufort History Museum,  come with a lot of quarters, a credit card, or download the town of Beaufort’s parking app. You’ll need one of these because the words “free parking” in this South Carolinian town could well result in a riot if spoken too loud. Now while I expect to pay for parking in large cities, I didn’t think it’s be so expensive and expansive as I found it in Beaufort (rhymes with you-fert). It has a population of just over 13,000, making it smaller than the town in which I live where free parking is the rule rather than the exception. For Beaufort, parking fees are so lucrative, the city has its own website  dedicated to figuring out where you can park and how much you should expect to pay.
Inside the Museum