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As a starting point for this, my newest book, I visited at least one museum or historical site in every one of Northeast Ohio. Much of what I found never made it into the book itself, so here are the travel logs for many of these museums containing all the information left out. You can buy my book HERE.
Hardly a romantic figure, this robber and murderer terrorized the seas and no one at the time had anything good to say about him. It took an ambitious colonial governor to do something about him.
Thinking himself wanted for killing a man who in fact had lived, this frontiersman across the Appalachian Mountains and there become a noted frontiersman credited with saving Daniel Boone's life. One of the most notable events of his life was his capture and torture by the Shawnee, who sentenced him to death.
Jailed for fraud, writing bad checks, and impersonating others, Donald Thompson was also a talented photojournalist who during World War I used his less savory skills to visit parts of the battlefield from which most reporters were forbidden.
Shanghaiing, the kidnapping of mariners and forcing them to sail against their will, occurred all around the world and peaked from about 1850 to 1915. No class of men could escape its grip, and U.S. laws made sailors wards of the state--legalized indentured servants!
This explores the many myths about Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry and the Battle of Lake Erie, including the fact he neither held the rank of commodore nor did he win the battle because of great seamanship or strategy.
In which we learn how the Yellow Peril (the fear that China or Japan or both would take over the West) inspired one of the most famous and successful science fiction comic strips of all times, Buck Rogers.
Ebenezer Zane, a hunter by trade, was born in Virginia in 1747, founded and lived in Wheeling, WV, and from this location managed to build Zane's Trace and layout Bridgeport, Ohio. Land he owned along Zane's Trace became Zanesville and Lancaster, Ohio. He was an Ohio pioneer by proxy.
Henry Ford once bought his own railroad to serve the Ford Motor Company. Yet he found it a difficult venture because of the draconian Interstate Commerce Committee, which made it nearly impossible for him to make a profit.
In the months before the U.S. Civil War ended, a desperate Confederacy decided it would end slavery in exchange for economic and military aid from Europe, an idea first proposed and later represented by Duncan Farrar Kenner.
This tells the story of one the most successful American privateers during the American Revolution, Gustavus Conyngham, who received his first commission and orders from none other than Benjamin Franklin.
Americans have always had a bit of an addiction to collecting souvenirs both during memorable events and tragedies. This article explores the history of this.
Johnston Farm and Indian Agency

Piqua, OH
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